Modern living room with dark bold colors, large windows with wild forest views, cream leather couch, large TV screen, chairs, coffee table, bookshelf, and zebra-colored carpet

Five Living Room Trends You Should Embrace for the 2020s

The term “living room” may soon become a misnomer. Today’s open-concept floor plans are making the living room really more of a “function” zone for entertainment, relaxation or conversation. This means fewer walls and hallways, and a direct line of sight to other parts of the home. Not surprisingly, this shift from “dedicated” rooms also hails new trends in “living room” design and décor. Here are five elements that many interior designers agree on for what’s ahead in living room design that you can adopt in your own space to be on-trend.


Individualism will reign in the ‘20s, homeowners desiring a uniqueness that reflects their own personality and sense of being special. There’s an increasing appetite for one-of-a-kind pieces, in furniture, accessories, light fixtures and millwork. Living room spaces will favor sleek, modern designs that are free of clutter, making use of cordless lamps, wall sconces and portable “statement” lighting to banish cords and switches from sight. Keep an eye out for these kinds of items when putting together your design plan.

Nature and Wellness

Increased focus on mental and physical wellness is having a big influence on home design. People wantmore from their living spaces, and seek an environment conducive to physical and emotional comfort. The concept of home as sanctuary and a place of respite and healing is being embraced, and connecting to nature helps foster that. Houseplants, whether decorative or medicinal are making a comeback in home décor. Look for naturally woven materials when shopping forfurniture and upholstery,such as rattan, hemp, grasscloth, cane, and jute.

Hand Crafted Excellence

There’s a renewed interest in craftsmanship and handmade goods, perhaps signalling a shift away from mass-market furnishings and accessories. Custom pieces are being commissioned from local craftsmen, for an end product that celebrates both uniqueness and a high artistry. Unusual materials and shapes are making standard pieces anything but standard. When scouting for your next area rug, look for unexpected, organic shapes and textures of rugs, and think of them as art pieces for your floor.

The Ultimate Entertainment Space

Comfort and functionality are familiar buzzwords in modern interior design. Spaces are much more multi-purpose now, and need to accommodate many different activities; sports enthusiasts and gamers may need to co-exist in one living room. Fortunately, today’s TV screens hang unobtrusively on walls, staying out of design’s way, as do new 3D, Laser and Gaming projector systems that offer sports fans and gamers alike spectacular picture and sound. With these innovations, consider that screens no longer have to be a focal point in your living room. Let your fireplace regain its rightful place, without the TV as a crown.

Ethics and Sustainability

As we become more and more eco-conscious, purchasing decisions are being based on a sense of ethical responsibility to choose sustainable materials. Items made from recycled components and responsibly harvested resources like bamboo and acacia wood are in demand.

Whatever style you’re going for, personalization is the key to today’s interiors. Choose colors that make you happy and reflect your individuality; going bold doesn’t have to mean garish. Play to your living room’s strengths and characteristics. A large room can hold large furniture, and big walls can command big artwork. Use low-backed sofas and chairs in low-ceilinged rooms, and vice versa in those with highceilings. Mash-ups are “in”, so mix cold with warm, rough with shiny, and stay away from matchy-matchy. Furniture pieces, pillows and other accessories in your home can be as individual as the people who live there, and complement each other with their own uniqueness.

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