Building a Dream Bathroom: What You Should Know Before Starting Your Remodel

microconcrete walls, custom made vanity alder wood, quartz top, black fixtures and polished chrome faucets

Are you planning to remodel your bathroom? Have you ever thought about what are the things that you need to know before starting a project like this? If not, here are three things that every homeowner should know before starting a bathroom remodel.

The first one is budget. It’s very important to set up an accurate budget for the project because it will be hard or impossible to finish it without enough money. Or, you could end up with a bathroom that’s not as good as expected. If you need help, try to find remodelers in your area and let them know about the budget. They will give you some advice on how much money should be set aside for this project. The typical costs for a small bathroom renovation may vary between $10,000 to $15,000. Higher end remodels may go up to $25,000. Changing the layout of a bathroom remodel can also increase the budget. That means hiring multiple professionals. One tip we suggest if you’re working on a tight budget is to not change the layout of were the plumbing is located in the bathroom but update and renovate the rest of it.

Another thing that every homeowner should know about remodeling their bathrooms is what materials are best for them, or which material will fit better with their style and budget. Higher end materials obviously increases budget expense.

Next, there is design needed. This will depend on how much space there is available in your home and also if you want something new or different from what was originally there. Work on your ideas, do some research and define a style that you like. We suggest using Pinterest and create a board with all your pins . It will be easier to visualize all the ideas you have and bring them to life. I cant stress enough on how important is to have a clear idea of the design you want to bring to life. It can save you from loosing money and also from serious stress, its all about planning, planning, planning!

Finally, hiring a team of professionals to execute the project can make all the difference in having an enjoyable experience with minimal stress while saving time and money! If you’re working with professionals you need to be upfront with your expectations, timeline and budget. The more honest you are with each other, the better results you’ll get!

We know sometimes its hard to visualize what your final design and process will be so that’s why we Hauz Studios are here for! To help you in every step of your dream bathroom. In the end, renovating a bathroom is an exciting process that should be enjoyable as it can also be very rewarding done right!

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