Building a Dream Bathroom: What You Should Know Before Starting Your Remodel

bathroom with standalone tub


A bathroom remodel can impact so much! With more people spending time at home (there was an increase of 20% of people working from home in 2020), people care more about the aesthetics of their home. Are you planning to remodel your bathroom? Have you ever thought about what are the things that you need to know before starting a project like this? If not, here are three things that every homeowner should know before bathroom remodeling.

  1. Budget
  2. Design Needed
  3. Hiring the right professionals

The First Step is Budget

It’s very important to set up an accurate budget for the project because it will be hard or impossible to finish it without enough money. Or, you could end up with a bathroom that’s not as good as expected.

If you need help, try to find remodelers in your area and let them know about the budget. They will give you some advice on how much money should be set aside for this project.

bathroom remodeling

So what can you anticipate for the bathroom remodel cost? The typical costs for a small bathroom renovation may vary between $10,000 to $15,000. Higher end remodels may go up to $25,000. Changing the layout of a bathroom remodel can also increase the budget. That means hiring multiple professionals.

One tip we suggest if you’re working on a tight budget is to not change the layout of were the plumbing is located in the bathroom but update and renovate the rest of it. According to Fixer, the average bathroom remodel plumbing cost is $5,302. This encompases the toilet, faucet, and two piece tub and shower system. What’s more, if you do plan to have your plumbing updated, it is key to hire skilled contractors so that there is no leak or other headache later on.

Another thing that every homeowner should know about remodeling their bathrooms is what materials are best for them, or which material will fit better with their style and budget. Higher end materials obviously increases budget expense. Visiting your local hardware store like Lowe’s or Home Depot, or comparing pricing online at places like Wayfair can help you cut costs on your bath remodel. 

Next, There is Design Needed

This will depend on how much space there is available in your home and also if you want something new or different from what was originally there.

This process can take months of research or at least a few weeks for full clarity on how to want your new bathroom to look. 

Bathroom Trends

There are a lot of trends in the bathroom remodeling industry right now: because people are spending more time at home, having a welcoming, sophisticated, and relaxing bathroom is all in! Freestanding tubs are a big trend, as well as adding more technology to the bathroom (cue voice activation and smart toilets, and more)! People are also wanting more earth tones (and natural wood colors) to be added to their bathrooms, after an all-white craze. 

bathroom with standalone tub

Next, floating vanities are also growing in popularity, which is a nod to a more minimalistic look, especially if you have a smaller bathroom. Lastly, another trend is color or wallpaper! There are so many high-quality wallpapers and beautiful patterns out there now. With newer versions being an easy peel-and-stick option, it’s a no-brainer for those that want to bring life and a unique mood to their remodeled bathrooms.

bathroom remodel with wallpaper

Get Started on Your Design

Work on your ideas, do some research and define a style that you like. We suggest using Pinterest and create a board with all your pins . It will be easier to visualize all the ideas you have and bring them to life.

What’s more, you can search “bathroom remodel quiz” online and take a quiz that can suggest bathroom styles that will fit with your taste. This can take out a lot of guesswork, especially if you are planning a diy bathroom remodel. 

There are many things to consider with bathroom remodels, such as:

  • Replace or keep: Do you want to gut the entire bathroom or do you want to keep certain aspects (like the toilet or tub) to cut costs?
  • Changes to the surfaces: walls, ceiling, floor, tiles, and countertop(s). Do you want a darker paint color or a whiter paint? Do you like colorful tile or an art deco tile look?
  • Changes to the layout: do you want to move the location of the sinks or toilet? Do you want to install a new window for more natural light?

I can’t stress enough on how important is to have a clear idea of the design you want to bring to life. It can save you from loosing money and also from serious stress, its all about planning, planning, planning!

Finally, Hire a Team of Professionals

When you choose the right contractors to execute your bathroom remodeling project, this can make all the difference in having an enjoyable experience with minimal stress while saving time and money! If you’re working with professionals you need to be upfront with your expectations, timeline and budget. The more honest you are with each other, the better results you’ll get!

Moreover, working with credible bathroom remodel contractors will help ensure that all updates are in-line with local codes and also verify if you need any special building permits. 

bathroom renovation with floating shelves

We know sometimes its hard to visualize what your final design and process will be so that’s why we Hauz Studios are here for! To help you in every step of your dream bathroom. In the end, renovating a bathroom is an exciting process that should be enjoyable as it can also be very rewarding done right!


In this article we talked about the benefits of a lovely bathroom remodel to elevate your home and bring more relaxation to your lifestyle. 

The main points we covered in this post:

  1. The importance of setting and knowing your budget
  2. Zeroing in on your particular design preferences for your bathroom renovations
  3. Hiring the right professionals
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