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How to Create the Perfect Reading Nook

Looking to know how to create the perfect reading nook? Here are four best ways to design one that suits your room’s needs well. Although a reading nook primarily serves the purpose of a cozy corner for reading time. The best type of reading nook can be used as a personal space for having quiet tea time, engaging with your gadgets, playing with your pets, and even taking a nap. That’s one of the many reasons why it should be built with extra care, calling attention to each detail.

This is the job of a professional interior designer who knows how to create the perfect reading nook without making it look out-of-place. Here are a few ideas for styling an ideal dreamlike reading nook:

Creating the Perfect Reading Nook

Looking for the best place to set up your mellow reading corner is the toughest part of the job. The following ideas will give you a push start on what you may want for your home:

Reminder – ‘Pick a Relatively Secluded Spot’

The first thing to remember while picking a spot is that you should decide on a space that is a comparatively quieter and less-crowded area of your home. Setting up a reading nook in a high-traffic zone is the fastest way to lose its functionality.

1. Create a Window-Seat Haven

Natural light is considered the best source of lighting when it comes to a reading corner, and the window seating is as comfortable as it gets once you properly stage the area. 

Seating Arrangement

For creating the perfect reading nook, you can incorporate soft padding on your makeshift window bench. Throw in many cheerful pillows and cushions for a welcoming effect, and you have got the basic structure out of the way.


The next step is to set up lighting for night-time reading. You can install an overhead bulb, a pendant lamp, or a fancy tabletop-type lamp in the reading nook.

Furniture and Accessories

If your window seat has some space, you can try out some creative things to make it more inviting. For instance, you can attach a small bookshelf on one side of the wall so that all your books are within easy reach. 

You can decorate the wall with reading time quotes and frames. Place a small table for placing a cup, reading glasses, and your extra essentials. If you don’t have space for a table, you can add a fancy tray on one side of your makeshift seat for this purpose.

2. Bean Bags: In the Ways of Sun Rays

As discussed in the previous section, natural-light spots can work effectively as an ideal reading nook. If the windows in your home don’t allow enough space to set up a reading nook, you can always choose a space where the sun rays hit the right angle.

Seating Arrangement

You can style up the sunlit reading nook with a bright-colored bean bag. The natural light tends to spruce up your space with liveliness when you add radiant shades in the ways of sun rays. If you have space for more than one bean bag, you should go for two with distinct colors. It will create a zesty outlook to your room.

Stuff the bean bags with a cushion or two as well. You can look up a few designs for cushion holder covers so that you can use them for keeping your books secured while you are away.


Adding a long-stand curved lamp beside the bean bags can be a marvelous addition to your warm, cozy corner. However, there is a vast collection of all kinds of lamps, so you should research them first before you make up your mind about a particular choice. 

No matter which lighting source you decide on, make sure they complement your bean bags’ theme.

Furniture and Accessories 

A small floor wood-shelf can provide you an excellent way of decorating your nook with photo frames, books, and personal accessories. 

3. Make a Mean Corner Scheme

Make each corner a story by fashioning your room’s corner into a large reading nook. This is how you can do it:

Seating Arrangement

You can try filling up your empty corner with a chaise lounge, an assortment of cushions, bean bag, or a simple, comfortable chair. Make use of popping yet royal colors like bottle green and navy blue for making your styled corners come to life.

If you decide on a simple chair with cushions, adding an upholstered stool in front would also work splendidly as it will give you the perfect way to lean back and enjoy your time comfortably.


Pendant lamps and standing lamps are the best choices for lighting up your corner reading nook. For styling the space adequately, select the lamp covers that match well with the seating arrangement.

Furniture and Accessories

A corner space offers you the best opportunities for creating a short library section on the wall. You can install wall shelves, floor shelves, or a small coffee table to your little heaven and adorn it with your favorite books. You can also enhance the furniture with some attention-grabbing artworks and decorative items.

4. The Perfect Hang Out On the Hanging Nook

You can also hang a hammock in your room to create the perfect reading nook. It can either be hooked in a room’s corner or center, depending on the room’s structure. Throw some cheery and soft pillows and cushions to make it more comfortable and voila! You have a uniquely styled reading area, which can be used as a perfect nap-time corner as well.

As there wouldn’t be any extra furniture with the hanging nook, you can cover your cushions with the holder covers for keeping your books. 


Add an overhead light so that you can hang out on the hanging nook, read your books and magazines without putting any pressure on your eyes.

From color scheme selection and floor plans to create the perfect reading nook, Hauz Studios has the best interior design services to provide in Tampa. We consider it our responsibility to give you a space that is both appealing and functional simultaneously. For further information, you can contact our team and hire your preferred home stylists today.

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