Five Living Room Trends You Should Embrace for the 2020s

The term “living room” may soon become a misnomer. Today’s open-concept floor plans are making the living room really more of a “function” zone for entertainment, relaxation or conversation. This means fewer walls and hallways, and a direct line of sight to other parts of the home. Not surprisingly, this shift from “dedicated” rooms also hails new trends in “living room” design and décor. Here are five elements that many interior designers agree on for what’s ahead in living room design that you can adopt in your own space to be on-trend.


Individualism will reign in the ‘20s, homeowners desiring a uniqueness that reflects their own personality and sense of being special. There’s an increasing appetite for one-of-a-kind pieces, in furniture, accessories, light fixtures and millwork. Living room spaces will favor sleek, modern designs that are free of clutter, making use of cordless lamps, wall sconces and portable “statement” lighting to banish cords and switches from sight. Keep an eye out for these kinds of items when putting together your design plan.

Nature and Wellness

Increased focus on mental and physical wellness is having a big influence on home design. People wantmore from their living spaces, and seek an environment conducive to physical and emotional comfort. The concept of home as sanctuary and a place of respite and healing is being embraced, and connecting to nature helps foster that. Houseplants, whether decorative or medicinal are making a comeback in home décor. Look for naturally woven materials when shopping forfurniture and upholstery,such as rattan, hemp, grasscloth, cane, and jute.

Hand Crafted Excellence

There’s a renewed interest in craftsmanship and handmade goods, perhaps signalling a shift away from mass-market furnishings and accessories. Custom pieces are being commissioned from local craftsmen, for an end product that celebrates both uniqueness and a high artistry. Unusual materials and shapes are making standard pieces anything but standard. When scouting for your next area rug, look for unexpected, organic shapes and textures of rugs, and think of them as art pieces for your floor.

The Ultimate Entertainment Space

Comfort and functionality are familiar buzzwords in modern interior design. Spaces are much more multi-purpose now, and need to accommodate many different activities; sports enthusiasts and gamers may need to co-exist in one living room. Fortunately, today’s TV screens hang unobtrusively on walls, staying out of design’s way, as do new 3D, Laser and Gaming projector systems that offer sports fans and gamers alike spectacular picture and sound. With these innovations, consider that screens no longer have to be a focal point in your living room. Let your fireplace regain its rightful place, without the TV as a crown.

Ethics and Sustainability

As we become more and more eco-conscious, purchasing decisions are being based on a sense of ethical responsibility to choose sustainable materials. Items made from recycled components and responsibly harvested resources like bamboo and acacia wood are in demand.

Whatever style you’re going for, personalization is the key to today’s interiors. Choose colors that make you happy and reflect your individuality; going bold doesn’t have to mean garish. Play to your living room’s strengths and characteristics. A large room can hold large furniture, and big walls can command big artwork. Use low-backed sofas and chairs in low-ceilinged rooms, and vice versa in those with highceilings. Mash-ups are “in”, so mix cold with warm, rough with shiny, and stay away from matchy-matchy. Furniture pieces, pillows and other accessories in your home can be as individual as the people who live there, and complement each other with their own uniqueness.

Top 13 Benefits of Hiring an Interior Designer

There are several benefits of hiring an interior designer. Here are thirteen reasons why you must need one for your place. 

Hiring an interior designer can be an excellent idea if you have already invested some money in your new home. On the other hand, when it comes to remodeling, making a significant change under a limited budget can get extremely tricky if you don’t know the aspects of home styling.

In addition to these, there are several other benefits of hiring an interior designer. Let’s discuss in detail about each one of them individually:

Top 10 Benefits of Hiring an Interior Designer

1- They Have Experienced Knowledge

Experienced interior designers have been styling homes for a long time. That’s what makes their intuitive decisions about the color scheme, designs, and layout on point ninety-nine percent of the time. 

Handing over your home-project to the right designers can be a tough decision to make. However, many companies, like Hauz Studios, offer their customers the very best services in all kinds of interior design jobs.

2- They Bring Your Imagination to Life

Bringing your creative visualization to the real-world is not an easy task. No matter how hard you try to breathe life into your ideas, you will not be able to realize your original vision completely. 

However, the ability and precision of interior designers can get you a home that exceeds your own expectations.

3- They Are Detail-Oriented 

The things you take for granted, interior designers can transform them into the focal point of a room. Lighting, floor planning, and placement of accessories are only a few things to name. 

They also have much more knowledge about the materials, so they can incorporate the wow factor using different materials and techniques you can’t even imagine.

4- They Save Your Time

With your job and home chores, making time for home designing can get extremely hectic. In such cases, trying to make it work will only take you so far. And the worst part is that you wouldn’t be able to style your home the way you want as that takes considerable time and dedication. 

Hiring an interior designer will mean you only have to check up on them from time-to-time and they will do a magnificent job for you precisely the way you want.

5- They Alleviate the Workload

Interior designing is time-consuming, but it also takes a toll on your mental health because of the stressful pressure. You will be surprised how much the interior designers can do in the shortest amount of time without hassling you along the way.

6- They Know the Perfect Color Schemes

The home stylists can come up with beautiful color combinations and schemes for your home. It is less about the lack of imagination from your side and more about the area of expertise. Due to their field, they are trained to think of several out-of-the-box visions that compliment all kinds of ambiance.

7- Their Furniture Choices Are Impeccable

Are you having problems buying the right furniture for home? The interior designers can do that for you. They can scrutinize your space and come up with suitable furniture and furnishings that match your room’s style.

For example, coffee tables come in different shapes and structures. You may not understand which shape will fit well in your room, but they do.

8- They Can Do More In Limited Budget

A home stylist has the talent to do much more than you can while staying within your set budget. They have done extensive research on all types of home products and know what is more durable. This reason alone is more than enough for hiring an interior designer for perfecting your home.

9- They Have Got a Great Number of Resources

The interior designers have a resourceful contact list that can help you save a great deal of money on the valuable, high-level merchandise. The general public can’t access those items without the hired company’s help.

10- They Have Internal Contacts for Contractors

The home stylists can also point you in the right direction when it comes to reliable contractors, electricians, and plumbers for your home project. Without their help, it can take at least a few days of research to get in contact with a good team.

11- They Can Help With the Home Staging 

One of the greatest benefits of hiring an interior designer is their ability to stage your home for marketing. When your house looks aesthetically appealing and well-maintained, it gets more of a chance of getting sold in the market.

An added advantage for hiring the home stylists is that you will have a better chance of getting the asked price for your house if the potential buyers love the place.

12- They Can Transform a House Into a Home

Adding personal touches to make your house into a home can be tricky. What will look good, and what will look out-of-place? Creating a well-balanced home is not a task you can do alone. That’s why you will need the help of an interior designer to guide you through the process.

13- They Can Guarantee an Energy-Efficient Home

It is the job of interior designers to keep up-to-date with the current architectural industry. If you want a home built with the concept of recycling and conservation, there can’t be anyone better than a professional interior designer to do that right. 

Hauz Studios offers its customers the top services in Tampa from home staging and color scheme consulting to interior designing. Our professional team has the best experience and knowledge for transforming your visions into reality while understanding your requirements. You can contact us for further information and hire your preferred interior designer right away.

How to Create the Perfect Reading Nook

Looking to know how to create the perfect reading nook? Here are four best ways to design one that suits your room’s needs well. Although a reading nook primarily serves the purpose of a cozy corner for reading time. The best type of reading nook can be used as a personal space for having quiet tea time, engaging with your gadgets, playing with your pets, and even taking a nap. That’s one of the many reasons why it should be built with extra care, calling attention to each detail.

This is the job of a professional interior designer who knows how to create the perfect reading nook without making it look out-of-place. Here are a few ideas for styling an ideal dreamlike reading nook:

Creating the Perfect Reading Nook

Looking for the best place to set up your mellow reading corner is the toughest part of the job. The following ideas will give you a push start on what you may want for your home:

Reminder – ‘Pick a Relatively Secluded Spot’

The first thing to remember while picking a spot is that you should decide on a space that is a comparatively quieter and less-crowded area of your home. Setting up a reading nook in a high-traffic zone is the fastest way to lose its functionality.

1. Create a Window-Seat Haven

Natural light is considered the best source of lighting when it comes to a reading corner, and the window seating is as comfortable as it gets once you properly stage the area. 

Seating Arrangement

For creating the perfect reading nook, you can incorporate soft padding on your makeshift window bench. Throw in many cheerful pillows and cushions for a welcoming effect, and you have got the basic structure out of the way.


The next step is to set up lighting for night-time reading. You can install an overhead bulb, a pendant lamp, or a fancy tabletop-type lamp in the reading nook.

Furniture and Accessories

If your window seat has some space, you can try out some creative things to make it more inviting. For instance, you can attach a small bookshelf on one side of the wall so that all your books are within easy reach. 

You can decorate the wall with reading time quotes and frames. Place a small table for placing a cup, reading glasses, and your extra essentials. If you don’t have space for a table, you can add a fancy tray on one side of your makeshift seat for this purpose.

2. Bean Bags: In the Ways of Sun Rays

As discussed in the previous section, natural-light spots can work effectively as an ideal reading nook. If the windows in your home don’t allow enough space to set up a reading nook, you can always choose a space where the sun rays hit the right angle.

Seating Arrangement

You can style up the sunlit reading nook with a bright-colored bean bag. The natural light tends to spruce up your space with liveliness when you add radiant shades in the ways of sun rays. If you have space for more than one bean bag, you should go for two with distinct colors. It will create a zesty outlook to your room.

Stuff the bean bags with a cushion or two as well. You can look up a few designs for cushion holder covers so that you can use them for keeping your books secured while you are away.


Adding a long-stand curved lamp beside the bean bags can be a marvelous addition to your warm, cozy corner. However, there is a vast collection of all kinds of lamps, so you should research them first before you make up your mind about a particular choice. 

No matter which lighting source you decide on, make sure they complement your bean bags’ theme.

Furniture and Accessories 

A small floor wood-shelf can provide you an excellent way of decorating your nook with photo frames, books, and personal accessories. 

3. Make a Mean Corner Scheme

Make each corner a story by fashioning your room’s corner into a large reading nook. This is how you can do it:

Seating Arrangement

You can try filling up your empty corner with a chaise lounge, an assortment of cushions, bean bag, or a simple, comfortable chair. Make use of popping yet royal colors like bottle green and navy blue for making your styled corners come to life.

If you decide on a simple chair with cushions, adding an upholstered stool in front would also work splendidly as it will give you the perfect way to lean back and enjoy your time comfortably.


Pendant lamps and standing lamps are the best choices for lighting up your corner reading nook. For styling the space adequately, select the lamp covers that match well with the seating arrangement.

Furniture and Accessories

A corner space offers you the best opportunities for creating a short library section on the wall. You can install wall shelves, floor shelves, or a small coffee table to your little heaven and adorn it with your favorite books. You can also enhance the furniture with some attention-grabbing artworks and decorative items.

4. The Perfect Hang Out On the Hanging Nook

You can also hang a hammock in your room to create the perfect reading nook. It can either be hooked in a room’s corner or center, depending on the room’s structure. Throw some cheery and soft pillows and cushions to make it more comfortable and voila! You have a uniquely styled reading area, which can be used as a perfect nap-time corner as well.

As there wouldn’t be any extra furniture with the hanging nook, you can cover your cushions with the holder covers for keeping your books. 


Add an overhead light so that you can hang out on the hanging nook, read your books and magazines without putting any pressure on your eyes.

From color scheme selection and floor plans to create the perfect reading nook, Hauz Studios has the best interior design services to provide in Tampa. We consider it our responsibility to give you a space that is both appealing and functional simultaneously. For further information, you can contact our team and hire your preferred home stylists today.

interior designer’s

Picking a perfect color palette for your home is essential if you want to breathe life into it. Here are 8 tips on how you can make that happen.

Choosing the right color scheme can pronounce and embellish your home’s ambiance to the next level. Mixing different colors in your home tends to define your personality and determine the home’s aura. That’s why picking a perfect color palette for your home is essential if you want to breathe life into it. 

You can be as creative and ardent with your color palette as you want. Here are the top 8 tips you can use to bring your ideas to life with your interior designer’s help!

1- Don’t Limit Yourself to a Particular Color Palette

Before selecting the best color scheme for your home, it is essential not to limit yourself and use the same color palette for the whole interior. Instead, define each room with a different zing and style. Put on your creative hat and let your inner magic flow all over your home. Don’t worry about the animation of it yet; if you pursue the following tips below, your home will look even better than your wildest imagination.

2- Pick a Wall Color as Per Your Patterned Upholstery

Each room has particularly styled upholstery in it. For instance, consider your living room has a navy blue sofa, and a gray and orange patterned rug. You can pluck some great ideas from them and select a color palette for your walls that adores the scheme of your room the best. In this given scenario, a gray wall with orange texture will look elegant and give your room an artistic demeanor. One thing you should remember about this tip is to always select colors from the largest patterned furniture and ignore the colors of small decorative objects in the room.

3- Twirl the Rule of 60-30-10

When you make plans for your room’s interior design, always remember the rule of 60-30-10. According to this rule, 60% of the space should be utilized with dominant and pure colors like blue, yellow, and red. These colors mostly accentuate the walls and floors. 30% of the room should be occupied with secondary colors like green, orange, and purple. These colors should be accustomed to the upholstery of the room. The remaining 10% should be the accent colors that emphasize and contrast the other colors, creating a synchronized rhythm in the room. The accent colors mostly go with the decorative accessories or small rugs in the room. The given distribution of colors works well for every room and gives the best results ultimately.

4- Create a Flow With the Black

Adding a few black pops the rest of the colors in the room and gives it a consistent and natural flow. For example, try putting in a black dresser or lampshades in the bedroom. Or, if you are renovating a kitchen, add sleek black cabinets that go well with the other equipment. Giving these small touches will leave a much more substantial impact in the room and give it an elite and classy look.

5- Shadow the Rule of Three

Selecting a color palette can indeed be a daunting decision to make when there are so many colors you can saturate in your room. The best trick is to follow the rule of three and select three major colors for your room. If you select blue, orange, and green, that’s what your attention-grabbing furnishings should follow the scheme of, while all the other less significant furnishings should be of colors that enhance the primary three. This rule helps whenever you are confused with the color palette and just want to follow the traditional yet chic style.

6- Dress Up Your Room to Flatter

Everybody has a style they follow when they shop for themselves. Your clothes define your personality and feature the little elements for others. In the same way, your room should also leave a nonpareil effect that matches your harmony. A quality example for this is if you like denim’s feel, flatter your room with a denim blue sofa to pop up your style in there. Or, if you love dressing up in bright and vibrant colors, add that to your room by cataloging a bright blue sofa with colorful rugs on top.

7- Make Use of the Color Wheel

When in doubt, use the color wheel to guide yourself in the right direction. If you are looking for accent colors for your small decoration pieces and ornaments that contrast well with your big furniture, find the colors opposite to your furniture color scheme in the wheel to make a great combination. However, if you want some contrivance colors for your room to blend in, you will need to use the analogous colors (colors that are next to each other in the color wheel) to give it a more relaxed and exclusive look.

8- Make Small Spaces Pop

Many believe that painting a room with white color makes your room look bigger, and this is absolutely right. However, the key to a beautiful space is to not only make it look bigger but also better. For that, you would need to give it a zestful quality by exploding it with a couple of awe-inspiring colors. Also, a critical element that should not be forgotten when designing a small area is to give that picturesque section a spacious look by throwing lights on it from all the right angles.

 The Hauz Studios offers you the top interior designers in Tampa who can transform your home into a living, breathing dream. We don’t only help you select a beautiful color palette for the interior and exterior of your home, but our expert staff also makes it happen for you. For more information, you can contact us and hire our expert home stylists right now.

10 Tempting Kitchen Renovating Ideas

Remodeling a kitchen is not an easy job unless you have some tempting kitchen renovation ideas. Click here for the most creative suggestions!

Kitchen renovation takes a lot of time and effort. From the cupboards to the floor, each thing should be detailed to perfection to spruce up your space and make it lively. When it comes to remodeling a kitchen, the tiniest of changes can make a ton of difference. That’s why the best option is to hire a professional interior designer for this job.

However, to help you add your input to make a dream-come-true kitchen, we have compiled a list of ten tempting kitchen renovating ideas to take inspiration from.

1- Pick a Theme

You will need some serious help from your home stylist when selecting the color theme for your kitchen. There are several color schemes to choose from, and each one looks exceptionally distinct from others. If your kitchen has access to direct sunlight, you can go for the bright white, yellow, peach, and baby blue colors. The light tones highlight the overall scheme of these kitchens much more adequately.

However, if your kitchen is located in an indoor space where you have to brighten it up using artificial lights, your best bet would be choosing dark-toned colors and going towards black. The lights you integrate into such kitchens help you show off a sleek and modern look.

2- Fix Up Your Old Armoire to Create an Immaculate Pantry Space

This is one of the thriftiest yet intriguing kitchen renovating ideas. If you have an old armoire that can be fixed up with some assistance from your interior designer, don’t let it go to waste. By choosing this route, you will be saving up a lot of money and creating a unique pantry space at the same time.

Try your best to blend in the updated pantry armoire with your kitchen’s overlook, as the body of the cupboards can be painted and furnished accordingly.

3- Let the Lights Do Their Job

Ideas for lighting up your kitchen require some major thinking time. You can’t cheer up your cooking corner until the lights are not correctly installed.

In addition to the necessary bulbs, the best modern-styled lights to invest for your kitchen these days would be the pendant lights and lamp-shade ceiling lights. These lights mostly hang over your kitchen island and sink, while giving it a captivating presence.

4- Open Shelves Means Spacious Kitchen

If you want to make your kitchen look airy and spacious, let go of your cupboards and take a leap of faith for the open shelves. These will not only be good for your kitchen space, but they will also be much more manageable to maintain in the future.

The open shelves will also be drastically more affordable than the usual heavy cupboards. The one thing you need to ensure is to match the shelved theme with your overall kitchen.

5- Install a Show-Stopping Sink

The one thing that remains in constant use in your kitchen is the sink. Many people don’t pay much attention to them while renovating the kitchen. However, you can install a show-stopping sink in yours, making it the center of attraction and creative inspiration for others.

You can look up some farmhouse sinks that are trending these days before talking to your interior designer, so you have a much better understanding of what you want in your kitchen.

6- Create a Wow-Effect With the Kitchen Island

The kitchen island is the heart of a kitchen. It takes up the most space and proves to be a focal point for everyone who is working inside or looking from the outside.

Black, sleek granite top, bright-white counter top quartz, or a wood-framed island finished with a food-grade sealer — any of them will work splendidly, based on your kitchen’s theme and decor.

7- From the Top to the Bottom: Ceiling to Flooring

The kitchen is not all about perfect counters and cupboards. You need to spend some money and time on the bottom-up as well. The ceiling may not be the primary focus in a kitchen, but you can change it by introducing imaginative ideas. Exposed beams on the ceiling, small cathedrals, or some fancy hanging lights can call momentous attention to the kitchen ceilings in a good way.

As for the flooring, you can choose from a selection of materials to inaugurate in the kitchen. Some of the best choices would be the bamboo kitchen flooring, laminate wood kitchen flooring, and vinyl kitchen flooring.

8- Add Some Backsplash Flair to Your Kitchen

After putting in this much effort, you can’t possibly forget to add some backsplash flair to your kitchen. Several new designs and ideas can be integrated into the kitchen walls to spark some life into it. You can go for the non-repeating patterned tiles, colored mirrors or mirrored tiles, bricks, or a printed soapstone wall.

No matter what you choose, you can never go wrong as long as the walls are complementing well with the other kitchen features.

9- Save Up With the Energy-Saving Appliances 

A kitchen upgrade involves electronic appliances as well. You can replace your current machines with green, energy-saving ones. For example, you can let go of your standard refrigerator and microwaves and replace them with energy star-certified appliances. You can also upgrade your regular dishwasher with a water-saving one.

10- Showcase Your Decorative Artwork 

Make some space for showcasing a few mesmerizing artworks in your kitchen. You can add gastronomical paintings on the wall or put up a small, vibrant rack showing off the best of your sleek kitchen accessories and decorative pieces.

Appending these small kitchen renovating ideas may seem like a simple task, but it is one of the most time-consuming ones where you will need your home designer’s help without a doubt.

Hauz Studios offers the top most interior designers in Tampa who can help you completely remodel your kitchen to your liking. Our expert team helps you create a functional and aesthetically pleasing space while meeting all your requirements and provided budget. For more information, you can contact us and hire your preferred home stylists right now.

10 Tips for staging your home

Staging your home is essential if you want to make it appealing for potential buyers. Here are the 10 top tips for staging your home modestly.

When you plan to put your house on the market, you want to stage your home fashionably to attract more customers’ attention and get your asking price. For that, you would need to go the extra mile and put hard work on your home all over again. The best option is to hire an interior designer that will help you stage your home efficiently. However, if you want to add your input to the place, you should understand its basics to lay across your vision to your home stylist.

Here are the 10 top tips for staging your home to your likeness:

1- Enhance the Porch Appeal

Your home should appeal from the outside as well if you want the potential buyers to visit. Many customers decide to drive-by your place first to check out the exterior. If they don’t like the feel of it, they decide against touring your home. That’s why it is necessary to make an excellent first impression of your home. To make that happen, you need to make these things happen:

· Repaint the porch floor

· Clean the front windows from the inside out

· Trim the trees and bushes

· Mow your lawn

· Plant some fresh, vibrant flowers in the yard

· Power wash your curb

· Keep the porch lights on in the evening

· Place a ‘welcome home’ mat on the front porch

2- Give a Thorough Cleaning to Your Home

Your home should look sparkling clean, from the windows to the ceilings. When the potential customers come to take a tour of your house, dirty tiles or ceilings will drive them into thinking that the house was not taken care of previously. Make sure you pay extra attention to your bathroom while cleaning, as that is one place people mostly see just to get an understanding about the hygiene of your house. Don’t forget to clean all the cupboards, curtains, sofas and rugs as well.

3- Clear Away the Clutter

It would be best if you cleared away all the clutter from your place. The kitchen, master bedroom, and living room grab the most attention from potential buyers, so there is no way you can leave anything unnecessary lying around if you want them to like your place.

When your house is clean, it automatically makes your home look bigger with the extra space, which is a plus point for the buyers. Also, don’t forget to adequately set your closet, as the customers tend to open them to check the available storage space.

4- Rearrange the Furniture

Rearranging the furniture is an essential part of staging your home. Your house must be already set with some personal touches that you preferred. However, now that you need the house to sell at the best price, you would have to stage the furnishings to make them more visually appealing. Repositioning the furniture should also create some space in your home so that the interested buyers can easily navigate the place.

5- Upgrade the Rugs and Curtains

The home interior designing keeps changing from time-to-time, and so to keep up with the modern trends, you need to upgrade some things in the house accordingly. Your rugs and curtains are the most prominent features that everyone takes notice of. That’s why it would be best to buy new ones to match the current, up-to-date style.

6- Depersonalize Your Home

This is one of the best tips for staging your home. When the buyers come to visit your place, they should feel like it could be their home. They should be able to imagine what upgrades they could do once they move in. That’s why it would be in your best interest to depersonalize your home, making it easier for them to envision their life inside your home.

You can give your home a canvas-like look for the customers by taking off the personal photo frames. Taking off all the paintings and notes from your fridge is also necessary as these are profoundly private matters the customers shouldn’t see.

7- Avoid the Clinical Touch

All this cleaning and clearing the space from personal touches may sometimes make the place feel too clinical, and that is also a bad thing from the customers’ point of view. The key is to balance the personal touches to a certain extent.

Try to nudge in some fresh, distinctive zest to the place by adding decoration pieces that enhance the room’s look. Bake a batch of cookies before the potential buyers visit your place and set the tray onto the kitchen counter to give your house a warm sense of touch. The smell of cookies will take over the whole house, and it will give the buyers an instinctively welcoming feel.

8- Add Greenery Inside Your Home

Adding a bit of greenery inside the home also leaves a calming effect on the customers, making them feel relaxed throughout the home tour. Try to blend in some vases and rich-colored flowers into your living room and bedroom’s side table to breathe life into your home.

9- Lighten Up the Place

Strike a balance between all light sources. Keep your place bright by turning on all the lights in your home and opening the room’s blinds to give it a more welcoming and free look. You should ensure that the lights in your home are placed on the right angles, as the perfect lighting plays a great part in making your place look spacious.

10- Repaint the Bold Colored Walls

Hiring an interior designer is the best way to ensure this step is done correctly, as they can provide you with the best feedback. Bold and bright colors tend to distract the customers during their home visits. So, if you have dark-toned walls in your home, try repainting them with white, gray, and taupe colors to make it feel more comfortable for the customers to take in.

Hauz Studios offers you the top interior designers in Tampa who can transform your home into a dream to live in for the potential buyers. Our expert team helps you style your home with the perfect furniture and accessories. For more information, you can contact us and hire your preferred home stylists right now.