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10 Tips for staging your home

Staging your home is essential if you want to make it appealing for potential buyers. Here are the 10 top tips for staging your home modestly.

When you plan to put your house on the market, you want to stage your home fashionably to attract more customers’ attention and get your asking price. For that, you would need to go the extra mile and put hard work on your home all over again. The best option is to hire an interior designer that will help you stage your home efficiently. However, if you want to add your input to the place, you should understand its basics to lay across your vision to your home stylist.

Here are the 10 top tips for staging your home to your likeness:

1- Enhance the Porch Appeal

Your home should appeal from the outside as well if you want the potential buyers to visit. Many customers decide to drive-by your place first to check out the exterior. If they don’t like the feel of it, they decide against touring your home. That’s why it is necessary to make an excellent first impression of your home. To make that happen, you need to make these things happen:

· Repaint the porch floor

· Clean the front windows from the inside out

· Trim the trees and bushes

· Mow your lawn

· Plant some fresh, vibrant flowers in the yard

· Power wash your curb

· Keep the porch lights on in the evening

· Place a ‘welcome home’ mat on the front porch

2- Give a Thorough Cleaning to Your Home

Your home should look sparkling clean, from the windows to the ceilings. When the potential customers come to take a tour of your house, dirty tiles or ceilings will drive them into thinking that the house was not taken care of previously. Make sure you pay extra attention to your bathroom while cleaning, as that is one place people mostly see just to get an understanding about the hygiene of your house. Don’t forget to clean all the cupboards, curtains, sofas and rugs as well.

3- Clear Away the Clutter

It would be best if you cleared away all the clutter from your place. The kitchen, master bedroom, and living room grab the most attention from potential buyers, so there is no way you can leave anything unnecessary lying around if you want them to like your place.

When your house is clean, it automatically makes your home look bigger with the extra space, which is a plus point for the buyers. Also, don’t forget to adequately set your closet, as the customers tend to open them to check the available storage space.

4- Rearrange the Furniture

Rearranging the furniture is an essential part of staging your home. Your house must be already set with some personal touches that you preferred. However, now that you need the house to sell at the best price, you would have to stage the furnishings to make them more visually appealing. Repositioning the furniture should also create some space in your home so that the interested buyers can easily navigate the place.

5- Upgrade the Rugs and Curtains

The home interior designing keeps changing from time-to-time, and so to keep up with the modern trends, you need to upgrade some things in the house accordingly. Your rugs and curtains are the most prominent features that everyone takes notice of. That’s why it would be best to buy new ones to match the current, up-to-date style.

6- Depersonalize Your Home

This is one of the best tips for staging your home. When the buyers come to visit your place, they should feel like it could be their home. They should be able to imagine what upgrades they could do once they move in. That’s why it would be in your best interest to depersonalize your home, making it easier for them to envision their life inside your home.

You can give your home a canvas-like look for the customers by taking off the personal photo frames. Taking off all the paintings and notes from your fridge is also necessary as these are profoundly private matters the customers shouldn’t see.

7- Avoid the Clinical Touch

All this cleaning and clearing the space from personal touches may sometimes make the place feel too clinical, and that is also a bad thing from the customers’ point of view. The key is to balance the personal touches to a certain extent.

Try to nudge in some fresh, distinctive zest to the place by adding decoration pieces that enhance the room’s look. Bake a batch of cookies before the potential buyers visit your place and set the tray onto the kitchen counter to give your house a warm sense of touch. The smell of cookies will take over the whole house, and it will give the buyers an instinctively welcoming feel.

8- Add Greenery Inside Your Home

Adding a bit of greenery inside the home also leaves a calming effect on the customers, making them feel relaxed throughout the home tour. Try to blend in some vases and rich-colored flowers into your living room and bedroom’s side table to breathe life into your home.

9- Lighten Up the Place

Strike a balance between all light sources. Keep your place bright by turning on all the lights in your home and opening the room’s blinds to give it a more welcoming and free look. You should ensure that the lights in your home are placed on the right angles, as the perfect lighting plays a great part in making your place look spacious.

10- Repaint the Bold Colored Walls

Hiring an interior designer is the best way to ensure this step is done correctly, as they can provide you with the best feedback. Bold and bright colors tend to distract the customers during their home visits. So, if you have dark-toned walls in your home, try repainting them with white, gray, and taupe colors to make it feel more comfortable for the customers to take in.

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